Saturday, January 17, 2015

Court was successful and Jack Brenden and Juno Alexandra are now Enbergs. We must wait ten days before beginning paperwork and exit papers. Eric has gone home and I will remain here. THe children must remain in orphanage but I will visit them there daily. It is lonely here and I may forget how to speak english! I am hoping I will pick up some more local language while I am here. it will make things easier when I take the children from the orphanage. Jack is a super cuddly boy who is ten years old. Juno is not as cuddly but tolerates my/our affections and is warming up nicely. She has had her little heart broken and I can understand her reticence to jump right in, but she did agree to be adopted so she is willing to give life with us a chance. Jack is a finger sucker which has made his teeth terribly out of place. still he is about the cutest boy on earth.  that will be tough to break. Hoping it will lessen over time without a lot of input from us as he begins to feel more secure. I am off to go visit them shortly and they want me to bring treats. I think they are tired of the raisins I bring. Maybe I will bring them some peanuts. they really want junk food and I just wont buy it.

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