Monday, October 13, 2014

Almost ready to submit our Dossier

We are waiting for one more elusive document and we will be sending the rest of our dossier(papers) to the country where the children reside. I say Children because, in case you havent been following, we also decided to adopt a boy close in age to Damaris. We have decided on a name for Damaris but have not come to agree on a name for the boy. I am very much wanting one name, Eric is very much wanting another. Unfortunately neither of us cares much for the name the other has chosen. I am about to put the names in a hat and whatever comes out is his name. haha.  Our giveaway just added some new items. Please check them out and help us raise funds to bring home our children!!  They are beautiful loving children(we have heard from those who have met them) They deserve a family of their own.