Monday, September 5, 2016

little update

Jack and Juno have come a long way since coming home to us. They are both full members of the family. They laugh cry fight with siblings and have lots of hugs and kisses with mama and papa. Jack has always been pretty easy going but he has settled and is just the sweetest kid ever. Juno had a rough start. she never had anyone invest in her. She took a lot of convincing that we were worth her effort to invest in us. We brought home an angry young girl who was mean and cruel and sulky and whiny and wanted everything her way or she was going to make us pay. She didn't listen. she didn't care. That girl is gone. She is happy, appropriate, listens as well as any of the others, helps out, invests in our family, and enjoys all the things we do. She is not cruel and mean anymore even when someone is mean to her. She fought hugs and kisses at first but can't get enough of them now.  She and Jack are headed into 6th grade tomorrow! She loves the piano and music. She is planning to learn to play flute this year. Jack will play sax. They are really doing well. There were some rough days in the beginning I wondered if we had made a mistake bringing them home.  That no longer crosses my mind. They are mine and I am theirs. forever. They understand that now. Kids who have been given up on take a bit longer to trust. some never do. but these two have learned to trust. They love being in a family. and we love them.