Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Edited: since only 2 people donated for the giveaway I will end this giveaway and change to an auction on another page that will be noted here when it is complete. I am currently in Ukraine with the children. 

We are a large family already. We have 12 kids between us. His, Hers, and OURS! Most of our kids have various special needs. We have committed to caring for another child with special needs. A young girl with a physical disability is in a far away country in an institution with no chance at a future, simply because she does not walk. We are also adopting a boy with special needs. We are doing everything we can to fund their adoption into our family. Many of our children are also from far away countries where they were not valued because they were not in perfect health. We have lots of great prizes to give away in this event! here is how it works. For every $5 you donate to our sponsorship fund (to the right, reeces rainbow) you get 1 chance to win the great prizes below. If you SHARE this page and COMMENT below you will also get 1 chance in the drawings to win these great prizes. You have to comment below to be entered as Reeces Rainbow can not share with me how much someone donated.  You can also email me at  I do have more great prizes to add! Come back often to see what else you could win!

 wooden paper dolls. Brand Melissa &Doug
 wooden paper dolls. Brand Melissa&Doug
 wooden paper dolls. cute! Brand Melissa & Doug
 crystal pendant and earrings. beautiful!
gorgeous bracelet value 169.99

  beautiful blue crystal necklace value 99.99
 beautiful simulated periodot bracelet value 79.95

1 Direction DVD
Thanks to Christie Carter Friedland

8 pound weighted blanket with silk binding
Thanks to Kathy Ulrich Anderson

72 cd/dvd holder
Thanks to Christie

digital photo viewer
Thanks to Christie

Dvd of GamePlan
Thanks to Christie

Margarita basket!
Thanks to Christie and friends

Moose Oil Lamp
Thanks to Christie

hair brush and accessories from PHI
thanks to Christie. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

whats new pussycat?

our homestudy is finally finished. Many of our documents are finished. we have not yet been invited to biometrics with immigration. We met our goal for tshirts and then some! Thanks to everyone who bought one, or seven. The name battle continues. If I like a name, Eric doesn't. If he likes a name, its a name I don't like. No matter what name we come up with it doesn't really suit her. I don't think her given name even suits her. The kids are all getting in on the name game. Not a day goes by that someone doesn't toss out a name for their "new sister".  Molly, Juno, Jorah, Katherine are all possibilities. I LOVE Jorah. but eric isn't sure. Bayla or Bay I also really like. I have a running list that changes all the time. right now I am on page three of the list. I add names I like whenever I see them. then I go back and think about them again and cross off those I don't like. I keep thinking at some point there will be only one name left. Some days I throw my hands up and say whatever! call her whatever!