Sunday, July 6, 2014


We have gathered many documents. Many of them are not right and will need to be redone. The country our girl is from is very specific on how papers need to be.  We got our BCA background papers last week and they did not include the JR part of Eric's name. That will need to be redone. homestudy is in final stages. some other documents were not completed to the high standards of the country. Like our marriage certificate. But MANY of our documents ARE done and ARE approved. Now to get them ALL finished and apostilled(state seal). then our dossier will be ready to fly to our child's country. Meanwhile our dishwasher stopped working and now pours water onto the floor and into the basement instead of down the drain. We are working on several fundraisers. It costs approximately 24,000$ to adopt ONE CHILD.  We have an online auction of sorts over at   there is also a donation widget on this page to the right if you feel so moved. My other fundraisers are still in the works but I will list them when they are up and running. We have TEN children, 9 of which live with us and will for many years to come. Adopting another child is a leap of faith. An expensive one at that! Won't you help us? This child will never be allowed to bloom and blossom in her country due to her disabilities. She won't go to school. She won't go to the movies. she won't go on vacation. she won't know the love of a family, brothers and sisters. We are literally pulling this child from the clutches of death. or a life that is worse than death.

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