Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I600A resent with proper amount of money. signed and notarized a bunch of documents. notary wrote wrong date on several and those need to be redone. Will have to try and get those done again asap. and still waiting on the medical forms. then it will be off to be apostilled. Homestudy is almost finished. Need to send payment to them. Then homestudy will join our I600A at immigration services. When I600A is approved we will get a document in the mail, have it notarized and apostilled and then ALL the documents will go to the country of the child's birth.  They will be translated and filed and after that we just wait to hear we are invited to travel. Although it doesn't seem like much is left to do, it is difficult to get everything lined up. In order for the I600A to be approved we will have to get fingerprinted. The place they do that is about 3hours away. the place that does the apostille(sec of state office) is also about 3 hours away. My husband works most days so finding a day when he is able to go somewhere and sign in front of a notary is not easy. finding time to reprint documents is not easy either with all the kids wanting attention and dinner and having appointments, etc. It is much harder this time to get all the documents done. The dossier(group of documents) is an easier list to obtain than it has been in the past but actually getting it done has proved a challenge. But I like a challenge. Onward and upward. forward ho!

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