Thursday, December 4, 2014


monday morning I was not even out of bed and I got the call. we have to be in the country in one week. one week from monday. that means only a few days from now we will be flying to the kids country and hopefully meeting them by the end of next week. We have an appointment to receive the official referral and permission to visit on weds the 10th of dec. We are working hard to get everything organised at home for our absence as well as prepare ourselves and for our needs as we travel. big exciting stuff. busy busy time! I cant wait to tell you all that we met our kids! I feel like I already know them because I know a family who adopted their friend and spent time with them. they were kind enough to share a lot of info with me about the kids. It is not the same area we went to for our other kids so this is a whole new adventure!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations and safe travels! What a season of wonder and joy for this adventure! Prayers for all!